What Is New Retail


The block chain infrastructure projects (including tokens, public chain infrastructure and related tools) for the new retail e-commerce ecology are aimed at building block chain infrastructure for enterprise oriented e-commerce applications, for new retail e-commerce enterprises, consumers, suppliers and all ecommerce ecommerce participants. Provide a technical solution for the block chain that can effectively solve the business pain.

Supply Chain

Transaction Security

Data Security


Advantages Of  New Retail

·The positioning accuracy of mobile phone can be achieved by 1 meters.

·Location service is integrated with new intelligent hardware or mobile software.

·China’s independent research and development has stronger data security.

·Global, all-weather and all-day service characteristics.

·Technology support for new retail species such as unmanned convenience stores and unmanned shelves.


What is BTP


BTP (BTP) applies DAG(Directed Acyclic Graph) technology to bitcoin, that is, DAG bitcoin. In theory, it is not possible to directly fork out a bit currency that supports DAG, because bitcoin has blocks, and DAG technology does not need blocks, so we choose the other way, that is, the first split, then 1:1000000000 convertibility to the DAG chain.

What Can We Do


Innovation Of  Payment System

The Advantages

The BTP protocol not only transfers money from A to B, but also has many features and shows many possibilities in the field. Here are some of the technologies currently being researched, others have been transformed into real products and services. Perhaps the most exciting use of BTP remains to be seen.


The Future Has Come


We believe that the BTP plus new retail mode will surely bring about radical changes in the block chain area.